30 Painting Famous Quotes And Images

It is no use painting the foot of the tree white, the strength of the bark cries out from beneath the paint.
— aime cesaire

At 18 I began painting steadily fulltime and at age 20 had my first New York show at the Macbeth Gallery.
— andrew wyeth

I love art. I used to have a painting of Gorbachev that was given to my family by Gorbachev.
— armie hammer

I have always loved science, but I have always loved the arts – drawing, painting and, yes, writing – more.
— charles m blow

If he sees nothing within, then he should stop painting what is in front of him.
— caspar david friedrich

I have a Damien Hirst spot painting which I love. It has pride of place over my dining-room table.
— cat deeley

If they were starting their careers today, Rockwell and Picasso would probably both be painting on black velvet.
— brad holland

The key is in remaining just aloof enough from a painting so that you know when to stop.
— buffy sainte marie

A painting probably is the most shocking increase in value, from what it costs to make to what you sell it for.
— damien hirst

I gave up painting by 16. I secretly thought I would have been Rembrandt by then.
— damien hirst

When you are older, you realise that everything else is just nothing compared to painting and drawing.
— david hockney

The problem for the Left, however, is that the moment it stops painting the Right as vile, it has to argue the issues.
— dennis prager

A painting in a museum hears more ridiculous opinions than anything else in the world.
— edmond de goncourt

I did not want windows, only skylights. I chose my painting wall as it has the best morning light.
— ellsworth kelly

I rage against Vincent van Gogh for needing to die at 37, after painting for only ten years. Jerry Saltz
— dick van dyke

Destroying rainforest for economic gain is like burning a Renaissance painting to cook a meal.
— e o wilson

My aim in painting has always been the most exact transcription possible of my most intimate impression of nature.
— edward hopper

Which painting in the National Gallery would I save if there was a fire? The one nearest the door of course.
— george bernard shaw

A good painting to me has always been like a friend. It keeps me company, comforts and inspires.
— hedy lamarr

Wrestling needs to be about the art form again. It needs to be about painting a picture and having a really good match.
— hulk hogan

For me, painting is a way to forget life. It is a cry in the night, a strangled laugh.
— georges rouault

Good art in general aspires to something, as a good painting aspires to something, almost spiritual or holy.
— gerhard richter

I have no fear of making changes, destroying the image, etc., because the painting has a life of its own.
— jackson pollock

I think a painting should include more experience than simply intended statement.
— jasper johns

Think of an abstract painting as very, very low relief – a thing, not a picture.
— jerry saltz

I rage against Vincent van Gogh for needing to die at 37, after painting for only ten years.
— jerry saltz

To me, this was an oxymoron, doing a painting of a dancer. Dancers are always moving.
— jamie wyeth

After my divorce, painting took me out of panic mode and into a serene, calm place. I could absolutely lose myself.
— jane seymour

If you scratch a great photograph, you find two things; a painting and a photograph.
— janet malcolm

The majority of my work is from life. I spend most fine days from May to October painting outside.
— john dyer

quotes about painting

quotes about painting

quotes about painting

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