Eye Quotes By Famous People

To judge between good or bad, between successful and unsuccessful would take the eye of a God.
— anton chekhov

It bring a tear to my eye to see native New York people give me my props because New York is stubborn and arrogant.
— asap rocky

We have to keep an eye on the future with a sense of the past in every passing moment of the present.
— amanda harlech

Girls talk to each other like men talk to each other. But girls have an eye for detail.
— amy winehouse

The eye is a very quick instrument, much quicker than the ear. The eye gets it immediately.
— anish kapoor

Jackie had a keen eye for talent, and like an elephant never forgot. And, he was always right on the mark.
— audrey meadows

I certainly keep my eye on Washington all the time because often life is stranger than fiction.
— beau willimon

Violence and racism are bad. Whenever they occur they are to be condemned and we should not turn a blind eye to them.
— cate blanchett

As a major contemporary composer, Madonna should not let the eye dictate to the ear.
— camille paglia

No man knows till he has suffered from the night how sweet and dear to his heart and eye the morning can be.
— bram stoker

I had been keeping an off eye on the advertising field, thinking I might become an idea man and a copywriter.
— carl sandburg

I majored in theater at San Diego State. My one eye was on football, and my other eye was on Hollywood.
— carl weathers

Art, to me, is the interpretation of the impression which nature makes upon the eye and brain.
— childe hassam

In good comedy, the structure comes from truth and that weird eye that looks at the way life is.
— ciaran hinds

This dame keeps dragging me into the bushes. Keep your eye open, you may have to rescue me.
— david o selznick

Imagination is the wide-open eye which leads us always to see truth more vividly.
— christopher fry

Blue and green eyes will be so common that dark brown will become the rare and newly desired eye color. Tyra Banks
— common

Being prime minister is not a job to be performed with an eye for the exit.
— douglas alexander

Music is the same to me as it was to Goethe – a pleasant noise. I am an eye man, not an ear man.
— fritz lang

There is a road from the eye to heart that does not go through the intellect.
— gilbert k chesterton

I tend to stay out of the public eye a little, compared to some of my peers.
— elisha cuthbert

When you see these people that are in the public eye all the time, it must get tiring.
— donna summer

I learned quickly at Columbia that the only eye that mattered was the one on the camera.
— gene tierney

I try to tell my story as simply as possible, with the camera at eye level.
— howard hawks

When you are in the eye of the storm, you are often not aware of the whiplash around you.
— hugh bonneville

Gandalf is in Middle-earth to keep an eye on everybody, and that can be a rather serious matter.
— ian mckellen

I always wear my evil eye necklace to ward off bad karma. I always wear one to protect me.
— gracie gold

Let your literary compositions be kept from the public eye for nine years at least.
— horace

Love is all fun and games until someone loses an eye or gets pregnant.
— jim cole

We used to play baseball back in that field and keep an eye out for the bulls.
— jim fowler

Political rivals attacked me. I was savagely beaten. I was kicked in the face and I lost my eye as a result.
— jean marie le pen

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quotes about eye

quotes about eye

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