118 Music Quotes


I actually write my own music whenever I have a chance. I play guitar and sing.
~alexander ludwig

31 Mystery Quotes And Saying


One may say the eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility.
~albert einstein

105 Name Famous Quotes And Images


I like to write and draw everything with sharpies. I even got one with my own name on it!
~alexander wang

Famous Nature Quotes By Famous People


We still do not know one thousandth of one percent of what nature has revealed to us.
~albert einstein

22 Necessity Quotes By Famous People


It is conceivable that what is unified form to the author or composer may of necessity be formless to his audience. Charles Ives

125 Never Saying By Famous People


If once you forfeit the confidence of your fellow-citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem.
~abraham lincoln

Top Famous Quotes About News


TV news is what you want it to be, and if you want it to be different, take a look at what you watch.
~aaron brown

Top 22 Quotes And Saying About Newspapers


I write early in the morning, usually after reading portions of at least half a dozen newspapers on the web.
~alan dean foster

Quotes And Saying For Night


With the fearful strain that is on me night and day, if I did not laugh I should die.
~abraham lincoln

Best 20 Quotes About Nose


As a child, I always chose a false nose and some face paint and a wig for my birthday.
~ashley jensen

Quotes About Occupation


The humblest occupation has in it materials of discipline for the highest heaven.
~frederick william robertson

Famous Saying About Ocean


I have always had a very natural connection to the water, and that connection stems from the ocean itself.
~aaron peirsol

Office Quotes By Famous People


I always loved bulbs, and I use light a lot in my shows. In my office in Paris, I have 300 bulbs.
~alexandre de betak

31 One Day Quotes By Famous People


If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.
~a a milne

31 Opinion Quotes And Saying By Famous People


To find out your real opinion of someone, judge the impression you have when you first see a letter from them.
~arthur schopenhauer

31 Opportunities Saying And Quotes By Famous Author


Boxing gave me the opportunities to grow into the person that I am today.
~alexis arguello