Quotes About Public


The time comes upon every public man when it is best for him to keep his lips closed.
~abraham lincoln

Famous Saying About Punishment


In hell there is no other punishment than to begin over and over again the tasks left unfinished in your lifetime.
~andre gide

105 Question Quotes By Famous People


A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?
~albert einstein

104 Race Quotes And Saying By Famous People


I run in practically every single road race in my country, 5k, 10k just to promote the sport.
~alberto juantorena

26 Risks Quotes And Saying By Famous People


Deficits must be cut, yes, but the rush to austerity risks undermining the fragile global recovery.
~alistair darling

105 Television Quotes By Famous People


When I got my first television set, I stopped caring so much about having close relationships.
~andy warhol

23 Temptation Saying By Famous People


Abstainer: a weak person who yields to the temptation of denying himself a pleasure.
~ambrose bierce

Top 105 Quotes And Saying About The Future


No valid plans for the future can be made by those who have no capacity for living now.
~alan watts

Best 32 Quotes About The Mind


There comes a time when the mind takes a higher plane of knowledge but can never prove how it got there.
~albert einstein

Quotes About The Past


Every journey into the past is complicated by delusions, false memories, false namings of real events.
~adrienne rich

Famous Saying About The Present


The diseases of the present have little in common with the diseases of the past save that we die of them.
~agnes repplier

Top Famous Quotes About West


When I was a girl, the West was still young, and the law of force, of physical force, was dominant.
~agnes smedley

105 Dream Quotes And Saying By Famous People


My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope of earth.
~abraham lincoln

32 Purpose Saying And Quotes By Famous Author


The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.
~albert schweitzer

31 Drama Saying And Quotes By Famous Author


I graduated in 1930 and I went up to the Yale Drama School for two years.
~albert maltz

30 Top Famous Quotes About Integrity


We want to promote the great qualities of athletics - and maintain its integrity - all over the world.
~alberto juantorena